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IT Solutions

Implement customized IT Solutions for your business
                       We offer our own IT products

  • Perfect to remote work!
  • User's workplace:
  • Highest processing speed
  • Instant connection and replacement
  • Network update, plug-ins
  • Economy IT infrastructure for your business
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  • Asterisk
  • 2 IP Phones
  • 1 phone number
  • Mobile App
  • IT support 24х7
  • Modules and plug-ins
  • Server Solution
  • VPN Server
  • Proxy Server
  • Asterisk
  • Netboot Server


ConHIT: Connecting Healthcare IT

In Berlin was presented software by: VMWare, Microsoft, Sony, Siemens, Epson, HP, T-mobile etc.

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IT Services

IT Audit

Sign a service agreement with us
and get IT Audit


Our team will assess the level of information security, analyze the operation of computers and software, identify errors in installing the network, determine the rationality of using office equipment. As a result, you get a plan to optimize and modernize the computer network in accordance with your business processes.

IT Ecosystem

Your IT Ecosystem by kodeks.com is just the right services, technology and software, organized into a single functional network.

We will integrate into the network computers and laptops, remote workstations, MFPs and printers for you. We connect corporate mail, chat, telephony, file storage not only to a stationary workstation, but also to a smartphone, tablet, laptop. Being an effective employee is easy!

Development of an individual solution by 250 €

IT Support

Contract with kodeks.com will provide support for your IT Ecosystem «24-on-7».

by 400 €/month

Corporate mail

Include all employees in the teamwork, combining the Address Book, Mail, Calendar and Tasks.

If you know where and what each employee is busy with, and each employee knows about colleagues' plans during working hours, then individual work turns into Team work! And the efficiency is increasing!

IT support mail-server by 400 €/month

VOIP Telephony

Distribution of the call flow, transfer and pickup of the incoming call, voice menu - today IP Telephony is a must for business.

We will help you to find what your business needs, register a number, activate the service 8-800, pick up telephones, set up smartphones and everything that is necessary for effective work.

Get more opportunities with our IT Solution «Smart IP Telephony System».

Support by 400 €/month

IM Messages

Instant messengers — Psi, Jabber, Skype, Hangouts, IPhone.

Connect an «instant messenger» convenient for your organization, merge Client Bases into one Corporate one. Create mailings, individual notifications, organize group chats, videoconferences. Use all possible forms of communication to achieve maximum results!

IT Support + messenger-server 200 €/month


Microsoft SPLA

Pay only for what you really use!

How expand your capabilities without spending a fortune?

By renting Microsoft licences you will get latest updates and only software that you really work with. Depending on your company needs you could change the subscribtion at any time.

KodeKs.com as a part of Microsoft Partner Network will assist you to choose optimal licence according the current needs of your company.

Not only you could make your software legal, but also expand your infrastructure, implement new technological solutions, manage licences etc.

  • Latest updates available
  • Manage your licences
  • Affordable price

Office Standard by 15 €/month

Open Source Migration

Looking for options to cut costs?

Open Source Migration is a solution for you!

KodeKs.com will help to organize your network using open source tools.

Easy to install new Apps

Malware threat is very unlikely

Highly reliable network

Proper combination of licensed open source software

FREE programms!

IT Solutions


Kodeks.com offers a new approach to the organization of the corporate network:

  • economy
  • reliability and security of storage
  • high processing speed

Ideal solution for the organization of CIS for small offices (up to 50 workplaces). You do not need to buy a computer for each employee, enough CONSOLI. Read more about the «office-CONSOLE»functionality.

by 225 €

Smart Telephony System

Manage the flow of calls with the Smart IP Telephony System.

In addition to the known advantages VoIP SIT will allow:

  • record, store, organize conversations
  • monitor user statuses
  • receive call statistics
  • watch out for real time online debates via web
  • receive sms, email about missed calls

Read more about «Smart Telephony System».

IT Support by 400 €/month

Cloud System

IaaS · SaaS · PaaS

KodeKs.com provides you with the amount of resources you need for your business now. The rent of computing capacity allows you to create your own infrastructure in the «Cloud».

If you have a small or medium business, you do not need to buy expensive hardware for the correct operation of the programs, spend money on technical support, updates, you can choose the SaaS model today, for example, by using the offer from Netflix, Photoshop.com, Acrobat.com , Intuit QuickBooks Online, Gmail and Google Docs, or rent Microsoft software.

Server rental by 20 €/mont


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